This Week In GIFs!

The best thing about doing these weekly GIF round-ups is that no one gets to tell me which GIF I get to put at the beginning (except Gabe, if he wants), so I can pick whichever one I like the best (unless Gabe has a problem with it for some reason) (it’s never been a problem in the past, I’m just saying), and this week I get to pick a GOSSIP GIRL ONE! YESSSS! Hahah. Very exciting. I’ve had a lot of exciting moments in my life, for sure, but the moment during which I chose to feature a Gossip Girl GIF at the top of the weekly GIF round up — that’s right at the top. I fainted and died, and now I’m in heaven with all of the dancing angel GIFs. Anyway, TGIF! This has been a great week, guys. Let’s relive it together, huh?

Oh no, Nicholas Cage is going to stop experimenting with his hair!

Mitt Romney sang a song and said he’s not concerned about the very poor!

Kristen Bell had an emotional breakdown about seeing a sloth!

Gossip Girl aired its 100th episode!

A sexy woman took pictures of Peter Dinklage while he sat in a chair!

Channing Tatum pulled a prank, kind of!

Pee Wee Herman was on Top Chef for some reason!

And, finally, we all watch TV together.