Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here are a collection of graffitied Mad Men subway posters. If I were to graffiti one I’d draw the guy falling into a wedding ring. And then I’d write, “This season, everyone stays faithful and does a good job in general!” -Gothamist
  • Fred Stoller, TV writer and actor and our favorite guy on Dr. Katz, has written a book for the Kindle about the year he spent as a staff writer for Seinfeld. It is titled My Seinfeld Year and it’s only two dollars! WHOA! -Amazon
  • Top Chef was renewed for a 10th season. That is so many seasons! Congratulations, Top Chef. I’m sure Gabe was very happy to hear this news, so congrats to him too. Would you like to try out to be on this season of the show? Here are the dates and locations for when you can do that! -THR
  • Are you not sick of seeing everyone quoting Groundhog Day all day and you want to watch the whole movie on YouTube? You’re in luck! -PopCultureBrain
  • NBC changed the name of the Munsters reboot to Mockingbird Lane. That’s an improvement! 4 real! -TVLine
  • Would you like to submit one of the many Hunger Games haikus you’ve written to Movieline in order to try to win a trip to the premiere? Here is my, NO STEALIES: The Hunger Games-es / That is a movie and book / I am almost sure -Movieline
  • There’s a chance there’s going to be a Back to the Future musical. Why not, right? SOMEONE’S gotta make money off of that thing. -Deadline
  • Here are some preview pictures from Gossip Girl’s Valentines Day episode, which will feature St. Vincent. !!! Ugh that is going to be so good. -ONTD
  • The director of Gasland, Josh Fox, was arrested yesterday while trying to film a congressional hearing on fracking by the House Science Committee. Neat! -FilmDrunk
  • And, finally, here is a baby playing table tennis. Ah, if only we could all be so carefree while WE played table tennis. Those were the days. -TheDailyWhat