Kids In England Are Allowed To Be Super Mean To Their Teachers In Rap Battles, Apparently?

Obviously, things work a little differently in places that aren’t the place where I live. I get it, and I’m not tryna be down on it. People can use the metric system if they want, whatever gets them through it. But one thing I am NOT ok with is this tiny English boy being SO MEAN to his English teacher in a rap battle they’re both in for some reason that I cannot discern, maybe because the video is 17 minutes long and there is no way I’m ever going to watch all of it right now and maybe the explanation doesn’t come in until the end! Really, the point of watching this video is that the English teacher kind of destroys the boy in the rap battle. And you’re like, “Whoa, you can allegedly teach English AND you can destroy a student in a white rap battle?” And that’s impressive. But really, HOW IS THIS BABY ALLOWED TO BE SO MEAN TO THIS YOUNG TEACHER? Haha and also, please skip to about 2 minutes in because the first 1.5 minutes are some kind of weird commercial FOR the rap battle? I don’t understand any of it.

“You study dead poetry and you’re gonna die and become a dead POET TREE!” <3 <3 <3 I don't think that was the exact line but whatever line was kind of like that, that was my favorite line. A+, "student"! Great job, "teacher"! I'm sorry that boy said the F word to you so many times! That was alarming, because of how we were introduced to this battle with the idea that you were his teacher! Maybe that's just how they do it over there! You should grade him harshly on his next paper, not unfairly, but just the grade that he actually deserves! (Thanks for the tip, Jon!)