Worlds Been Had Colliding: Selena Gomez And Eli Roth Edition

This is just a good photo of teenage Disney star and Justin Bieber lover/muse Selena Gomez eating some kind of parfait with Eli Roth, the creator of the Hostel torture-porn series. You might think it’s a weird combination, but that’s because you’re a NAIVE FOOL. Don’t you know that everybody famous knows and eats parfaits with everybody else famous? Come on, man. What magazines do you read? Just to give you a sense of how inter-connected and tight-knit the celebrity community is, here is who was eating desserts at the other tables at this dessert restaurant:

  • Emma Stone and Christiane Amanpour
  • George A. Romero and Uggie from The Artist
  • Judge Lance Ito and Jo Jo
  • Sporty Spice and John Hawkes
  • Jemaine Clement and Paul Pierce
  • Tavi Gevinson and Lil B the Based God
  • The entire cast of Bones and the entire cast of Downton Abbey
  • Beyonce and Marc Maron

See what I mean? It would almost be weirder if either Selena Gomez or Eli Roth were eating parfaits with someone that seemed more contextually, thematically, and age appropriate. THAT’S SHOWBUZZ! (Image via ONTD.)