Channing Tatum Tries To Prank Run With The Big Prank Dogs

Looks like the Exclusive Club of Hollwood Pranksters has a new would-be member vying for admission, and it is none other than the incredibly talented actor Channing Tatum who is so good at acting. If he’s even HALF as good at PRANKING as he is at ACTING then he is going to be just so good at pranking, just very very talented when it comes to pranking for sure. Let’s see what he’s got! From Entertainment Tonight:

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams must rediscover love after an accident causes Rachel’s character to lose her memory in The Vow, and Channing tells ET that he decided to pull a practical joke on her during a nude scene!

“I did have a stunt pee pee that I had made for her for her reaction,” says Channing of the scene in which Rachel is surprised by her naked co-star walking into their bedroom. “It was a little prank that I pulled on her. It’s in the movie โ€“ her reaction was spot on. I didn’t have a lot of faith in her reaction because it was cold that day, and I didn’t want her to be laughing and pointing. I wanted her to be shocked.”

“Here Lies A Stunt Pee Pee” – Channing Tatum’s gravestone.

Good prank or GREAT PRANK? But wait. Am I missing something? Did the Oxford English Dictionary change the definition of the word “prank”? When you wear a fake “pee pee” (Channing Tatum’s word) in a nude scene that is a prank? That’s it? The “stunt pee pee” doesn’t have to, like, buzz you or make a fart sound or ANYTHING? He didn’t want her to be laughing and pointing, so he got a fake penis made that was an exact replica of the gas chambers at Treblinka. Like what even the fuck is he talking about, regardless of the prank? Does she just start crying in this nude scene? And throwing up? I had no intention of seeing The Vow, but now I guess I have to because I just GOTTA see Rachel McAdams face after this REAL PRANK THAT IS DEFINITELY A PRANK FOR SURE AS WE ALL AGREE. Poor George Clooney. All those years of hard work. Shoulda bought a stunt pee pee, pal.