Newt Gingrich Wants Brad Pitt To Play Him In A Movie

Newt Gingrich, future beloved two-term Republican president of the United States of America, is currently in the process of being elected President. This means going on A LOT of radio shows, and being constantly asked about who would play him in the movie of his life. It’s called running for president, and it’s called being an American. So you can guess what happened when he made a phone-in visit to the Rich Stevens Radio Show earlier today! From TMZ:

The Republican candidate phoned in to the Rich Stevens Radio Show today … when he was asked, “If Hollywood was going to do a movie about your life, who would you like to see play the lead role?”
Newt replied, “Oh, in my fantasy life? Brad Pitt … why not?!

Right. Why not? That seems pretty obvious. Almost like one of those questions that you don’t really even need to ask, like when Tyra asks the models on America’s Next Top Model who they think had the ‘best photo’ that week. It’s like, yeah, no doy, they’re going to say their own photo was the best photo that week. Similarly it’s like yeah, no doy, Newt Gingrich, Brad Pitt. Why are we wasting our time here, NEXT QUESTION PLEASE.

Stevens quipped, “Is it because you guys look alike?”
Newt fired right back. “No, I don’t look like him at all. He’s thinner, he’s better looking, he’s younger. But you asked me if I had anyone who could play me in a movie … why not go for Brad Pitt?”

Ohhhh, right. Now that he mentions it, Brad Pitt is a bit thinner than Newt Gingrich. And the age thing is probably off a bit. I don’t know, I still think it could work? It wouldn’t be perfect but I still think people would get it. And I’m sure Brad would be cool with gaining the 10 or 15lbs for the role. If unavailable, though, I think any of these actors would be fine taking his place:

  • The Rock
  • Andy Milonakis
  • George Clooney
  • A Football Player
  • Glenn Close
  • The cast of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  • Johnny Depp
  • A Beautiful Robot Actor From The Future
  • Uggie
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Vincent Gallo
  • Brad Pitt again

Not too shabby, Newt! I mean, of course it is a fantasy. No one has ever made a movie about anybody that has included anyone that has ever been in politics, but it’s fun to think about someone like Brad Pitt or Andy Milonakis taking on the role. In the hypothetical movie of my life, I hope the role is given to Brad Pitt as well. #brad4presidentgingrich2012