Duh Aficionado Magazine: Mitt Romney Isn’t Concerned About The Very Poor

Oh good grief. YEAH, MITT ROMNEY, WE KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT POOR PEOPLE. Eek! It’s almost crazy how awesome the safety net for poor people is. And how much the Republican party never ever tries to abolish that safety net. None of them are worried about poor people because of how much they trust that those wonderful poor people will be protected by the incredible safety net that they have spent their entire careers protecting, I’m sure. Also, you could have just said that you’re not worried about the very rich, because of how they are so rich, and then moved on to talk about how you’re just worried about regular Americans, and that would have been a lie because you’re definitely worried mostly about the very rich but it at least would have sounded OK, but no, naturally you had to START WITH how you don’t worry about poor people. Can you be President RIGHT NOW? Can you start early? How about today?! (Via GotchaMedia.)