Adorable Smart Old Woman Stays Adorable, Smart, Old With Nintendo DS

For some of us, today, February 1st, may be the first day of our birthday month. Lots of us, I bet! And certainly none more in particular than any others. Happy birthday month, if this applies to you! It’s a leap year, so you get one extra day! How exciting for everyone. And for those of us who are beginning their month-long birthday celebration today, some may be feeling a bit scared about how time continues to race towards the finish line like it’s in a super huge hurry, and you can’t believe that it’s already your birthday month again, and when is it just going to SLOW DOWN so you can tell enough people your age that when you get to the next age it feels like it’s fine and appropriate that you’re turing that age. Because you’ve gotten telling people your other age out of your system, I guess? Listen. Getting old, like some of us are, often decreases your ability to think in ways that make sense. But the little old lady featured in this video has found away around that! And would you believe me if I told you the secret to a healthy mind at an old age is sitting RIGHT IN THE FRONT POUCH OF YOUR JANSPORT?

Well, you certainly aren’t having any problems staying VERY CUTE at your 100-year age, lady! Maybe you’re on to something. Let’s all get a Nintendo DS before the age monster comes closer and our bodies get tired and break down and we can’t run away from it anymore and then it consumes us! (Via Neatorama.)