The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

This week has been a VERY stressful week when it comes to holding in all the animal videos and not being able to share them or talk about them until the Animal Video Countdown. (You know, STRESS?) There are so many good ones! And by “good” I mean, in a big way, VERY GROSSLY CUTE! Just the kind of cute that makes you ashamed for even watching the video because it is so in-your-face with its cuteness and you’re loving it so much. So, I apologize in advance if you are at work or at a library or in a room with someone else who is going to be able to see the videos on your computer. ‘Cause, just FYI, you’re gonna look like a big dumbdumb. But who cares, RIGHT? At least you’re enjoying life! At least you can say that for yourself! Not everyone can say that! Right?! Can we please just watch the videos now???

10. Thousands Of Ducks

9. Horse Opens Door

8. Snoring Dormouse

7. Dog Sits In Box

6. Mini Pig

5. Table Tennis Watching Dog

4. Dog Playing Piano And Singing Kinda

3. Working Dogs

2. Baby Monkey Playing With A Shoestring

1. English Bulldog Puppies

I must say that I do feel a little ashamed putting the English Bulldog Puppies video at number one. It is really just an obscene display of nothing but pure gross cuteness, but HEY! What can you do. IT’S THE BEST! And I’ve certainly sent it to the most people this week. (More than one responding, “You’re the worst,” I have to admit.) Haha, the baby monkey video is kind of the same thing. Only completely grossly cute. (BUT ALSO THE BEST!) Working dogs are doing a great job, really EARNING their place in the top five. As is the piano playing and singing dog. A great sport, that guy. Table tennis watching dog just knows how to have a good time. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE LUCKY WINNERS! And to all the lucky viewers.