Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Paul Brittain is leaving Saturday Night Live! This week! FOR GOOD! Oh no! Are we ever going to see him again?! Do you think?! -EW
  • Good news, horse fans! The HBO series Luck, which had its premiere episode this week, has already been renewed for another season. Sounds pretty LUCKy right? LUCKy? -AVClub
  • This SEEMS like a music video, but where’s Gabe? Does he play Aubrey Plaza in it? -Stereogum
  • Reese Witherspoon has a very good question about Justin Bieber’s Fear remake dream. In fact, I remember someone asking this VERY SAME question in the comments of this post. Does Reese Witherspoon comment on Videogum? Click to find out! (JK.) (Don’t click to find that out.) -JustJared
  • Ugh, the American Idol guy is trying to get Obama to actually go on American Idol. And sing a duet with Al Green. Don’t do it, Obama! Nooo! -PopWatch
  • Uggie, the dog from The Artist, is going to take part in some sort of Oscars sketch. No word on where the dog from Beginners will be during Oscars night. -TheHollywoodReporter
  • Chris Gethard was on Conan last night talking about his book! Want to see him? -TeamCoco
  • Here is a supercut of a bunch of overhead shots from Wes Anderson movies. It looks nice! Very nice job, everyone. -TheDailyWhat
  • Nicholas Cage was introduced to his wax figure recently, and here is a photo of it. “Which one’s the wax figure even, right?!” is probably what you’re going to think when you see it. So let me be the first to say, I KNOW, RIGHT? -FilmDrunk