Kate Hudson Spotted With The New Mr. Cool Disguise

This is a paparazzi photo of Kate Hudson walking with her friend, Matt Bellamy, in what is clearly a very strong contender for the title of Mr. Cool Disguise. Hahahhaha. Uh, take it easy, Matt Bellamy, NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHO YOU ARE! (OK, I guess that’s not true. I googled Matt Bellamy and he’s in that band Muse? Do you guys listen to that band? Who listens to that band? Whatever, Matt Bellamy. Either way take this dumb old bag off your stupid face.) Looking at this photo, you just know that Matt Bellamy was totally the dude who got, like, one of his songs played one time at 3AM on a college radio station and immediately stopped talking to all his friends because he just “needed to be around people who understood the pressure he was under.” This guy. Meanwhile, what is even the point of this picture? If anything, Kate Hudson should be the Mrs. Cool Disguise, but she’s pure class ever since she starred in Bride Wars and/or Le Divorce. When two celebrities want to keep their private life a secret, they will do that thing where they walk two steps behind each other outside of a restaurant, which is already kind of silly, but at the same time it is increasingly difficult for famous people to guard their privacy, but at what point is someone like “this is exhausting, I think the solution is to put this plastic bag on my head and tear only one eye hole.” Like, you’re going to go to the trouble of putting a bag over your face, but you’re not going to go to the trouble of PUTTING ON AN ADULT STYLE OF PANTS? “Please, no photos, I am on my way to a pickup game of crab soccer” Kate Hudson is probably calling her mom in this photo. “Mom, you’ll never guess who I’m with. Yes, Mr. Cool Disguise. Good guess. You’re Goldie Hawn!” (Via Zimbio. Thanks for the tip, Patricia.)