Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • All of the original cast and writers of Arrested Development are confirmed for the Netflix revival of the series. Oh! That’s good, right? How do you feel about that? I feel fine about it! -HuffingtonPost
  • Sooo, did you guys see that Louis CK is creating a multi-camera sitcom for CBS with former Seinfeld writer Spike Feresten? How do you feel about THAT, speaking of things I wonder how you feel about. That’s a weird thing. Kind of. I mean, it’s not REALLY a weird thing because Louis C.K. makes TV shows, but it is a KIND OF weird thing. Right? Because of CBS? HELLO? -Vulture
  • Here is a montage of Jack and Janet from Three’s Company set to “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift. Happy Monday! I hope your Monday is going well! -RatsOff
  • Awww, want to look at some behind-the-scenes Puppy Bowl photos? Sure you do. It’s cute! -Gothamist
  • Remember last Friday when we all thought that this was a picture of Jon Stewart dancing at a Dead Kennedys show? And we were so excited? Because Dead Kennedys was our favorite band for a long time? And we still really like ‘em? Well, guess what. IT’S NOT HIM! That’s the difference between Fridays and Mondays. -FilmDrunk
  • The Screen Actors Guild awards were last night. Oh, GREAT! Were you there? Do you want a quick recap of everybody who won them? All your friends? Great. -Dlisted
  • Speaking of your friends, the ladies of Bridesmaids played a drinking game there! At the SAG awards! -GotchaMedia
  • Here is a supercut of people giving the middle finger in movies. Perfect. The only part of the movie you ever want to see anyway, the scene where someone gives someone the middle finger, all cut together in one thing for you to watch. -TheDailyWhat
  • Remember when Fox News accused the Muppets of being Communist and brainwashing kids? WELL. The Muppets responded, during a UK press conference. -ONTD