A Girl Can Say Things Backwards, Which Is Certainly Something

Sure, watching a girl say so many words backwards in a car with her friends for over three minutes is a bit much. You get the point immediately, and watching her say maionese backwards at the two minute mark is hardly much more impressive than watching her say lamborghini backwards at the one minute mark. Basically the whole time you’re thinking, “Yeah, we get it.” “You hear a word and then you can say it backwards, as if it’s no big deal at all.” “As if it’s something that any of us understand how you’re doing.” “As if we don’t have a lot of questions about it, like — Is this something you’ve been doing for your whole life just, like, in your head?” “Meaning like, when you hear words, do you say them backwards in your head?” “And was it more difficult at the beginning, but you’ve gotten a lot better at it since you do it so often?” “Or is it just something that you can do naturally and you’ve never really even thought about it.” “Just kind of like a natural party trick.” “Like being double jointed, or being able to roll your tongue.” “Or maybe did you just memorize all of these words backwards so you could have something to do on long car rides?”

“Or maybe are you not even saying the words backwards, you’re just saying them with ENOUGH of the letters that you figure no one will notice that it’s not the actual word that you’re saying?” “For some of them, at least?” “Why does your male friend tell your other friends that they’re going to have to ‘help him with words,’ at the beginning?” “He doesn’t know that many words?” “Are you a witch?” “GIRL.” (Thanks for the tip, Cliff!)