The Stephen Colbert Interview With Maurice Sendak That You’ve Already Seen Is Worth Watching Again

Most of the readers of this site are pretty high-powered Internet users. (You’re welcome. Flattery will get me EVERYWHERE.) You know what blogs are. You’ve heard of an RSS feed. Some of you have even posted links to “Tumblrs” on your “Facebook wall.” The point is, many of you have probably already seen Stephen Colbert’s two part interview with children’s author Maurice Sendak. It’s been posted on a lot of homepages. And it was also on actual TV. (Many of you are also comedy fans in general, and Stephen Colbert fans in specific, so it is just crazy how many bases have already been covered in relation to this interview and your previous chances of having seen it.) But if there is even one person who hasn’t watched it yet then this post is totally worth it because it is a TREAT. And if you have already seen it, see it again. Minesweeper can wait. You don’t have any important emails. Just watch it again! Stephen Colbert is at the top of his game in this, but Maurice Sendak is an AMERICAN TREASURE. We should all be so lucky as to be so comfortable in our skin, so disarmingly funny and sharp, and so assured of our moral core as Maurice Sendak at any age. What a fucking hero. Everyone else take notes.

Part One

Part Two

So great. McDonald’s should change their slogan to The Stephen Colbert Interview With Maurice Sendak because I’M LOVIN’ IT!