All Of God’s Terrible Singing Creatures

Have you guys ever been to Europe? When Occupy Wall Street succeeds in making us all rich, you should totally go to Europe. It’s nice there! But one thing about Europe is the dancing. Like, you know that adage that begins “dance like nobody’s watching”? (See also: 30 Rock, Thursdays on NBC.) Well, the people of Europe take that adage VERY SERIOUSLY. Guys! Europe! Sometimes, just FYI, people ARE watching! During a single visit to Europe, I swear I heard a house music remix of “I Will Survive” at least one billion times, no exaggeration. And each time that I heard it, there was some white dude in a weird shaped backpack going CAH-RAZY. Haha. On the one hand, this is always hilarious. On the other hand, it almost makes you jealous. I mean, they are having f-u-n, for sure. They love it! They ain’t care! God bless them. All of this brings us to the rest of the adage, which also includes a line about singing like no one is listening, and living like it’s heaven on Earth, both of which apply to the dude in the video after the jump. He’s like the Europe of church singers. Cuttin’ loose! Smelling a little funny! Whatever, life is 4 tha living.

This is the song that has made him pretty famous over the past few years, which is probably why it sounds so familiar and why he is so famous. (Thanks for the tip, huckabeast.)