Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • The Wet Hot American Summer cast reunited for a stagereading of the movie at San Francisco’s Sketchfest and I’m not sure if any of us were there or not, but here are some pictures from it! Just in case you weren’t there!  Does it feel like you were there now? Put on the movie, maybe. -PopWatch
  • Jimmy Fallon is getting sued by some guy for hiring too many women. Weird how he chose suing as his #1 option when the real answer has been in front of him for weeks. -TMZ
  • Corban from Stereogum did an interview with John Mulaney for GQ and John Mulaney has some THINGS to say about Empire Records. And I have a response. THEY DID IT TO HELP THEIR FRIEND LUCAS! -GQ
  • Did you know that Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are cousins? It’s true! Apparently! And they’re both famous! -ICYDK
  • Danielle Radcliff was cast as Allen Ginsberg in an indie movie called Kill Your Darlings. That’s nice, right? I don’t really have a major reason to bring that up here but isn’t that kind of good for him? -THR
  • Oh my goodness. Tim Gunn has some very sad things to say about his sex life and his last relationship. Tim Gunn! We love you! You don’t have to make it work if you don’t want to and you seem to be doing fine not making it work! Tim! -Celebuzz
  • Vanilla Ice did a bit for The Soup where he played his songs acoustically for hipsters and I don’t know if this is a thing you enjoy but in case it is here you go! -TheDailyWhat
  • Dlisted put together a list of OSCAR SNUBS, but one they forgot to include is BILL CUNNINGHAM NEW YORK! How was that not nominated for Best Documentary? WTF? Guys? I thought that was definitely going to be nominated! And I NEVER think wrong! -Dlisted