Announcing The Starting Line-Up For Puppy Bowl VIII!

There are few dramatic contests more wrought with emotional weight and power than the Annual Puppy Bowl. It is the eternal struggle between light and dark, life and death, napping and pooping. Each year a new crop of noble warriors takes the gridiron for a rousing spectacle of incredible athleticism and adorablism. We old dogs will watch from the sidelines, captivated by the proverbial WAR taking place on our screens, entering into the rush and flow of the age old tradition that is sport and competition, redefined by it, drawn into relief by it, just as our ancestors were. JUST KIDDING. None of that stuff even makes SENSE. It’s the PUPPY BOWL! It’s time 2 watch some WONDERFUL PUPPIES! This year’s crop looks particularly CUTE. There is a dog named FUMBLE! Although I have a feeling that Eurika and Brandy are going to be going head-to-TAIL for the title of Most Valuable Puppy. LET’S GET READY TO PUPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEES!