Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Last week (and this week) there were some rumors going around that Steve Carell made a cameo in last week’s The Office. It looked like him! On the Queerenstein Bears trivia team! But it turns out that it was not. OR WAS IT? No it wasn’t. -WashingtonPost
  • There is going to be a dog awards show? Werttrew sent in this tip and, like, it sounds like a great idea but I went to the website and IMMEDIATELY had an e-anxiety attack and had to go home. Can someone explain to me what this is? Werttrew? -DogNewsDaily
  • I have some sad news. Tucker Max, your favorite “fratirical” (barf, barf coming out of my mouth and ears and eyes) writer is not going to be writing “fratire” anymore. Super sad for you. Maybe you can try to write some fratirical fan fiction? I’ll start it off: “I was at a bar and there was an ugly girl there so I peed in a cup and threw it in her face and laughed & then barfed in my buddy’s mouth.” That’s how it goes normally, right? #TUCKER4LYF -Forbes
  • A supercut of Homer saying “D’oh.” Great. In college, my friend had this drinking game DVD where you’d watch a clip of a movie for a minute and then there would be a clip of Homer drinking beer and then you had to take a shot of beer and the game lasted for either 60 or 100 minutes. #COLLEGE #TUCKER4LYF #PIPA -BIOTV
  • Speaking of The Simpsons, continuity announcers at Channel 4, whatever THAT means, have been saying different things instead of The Simpsons when they announce The Simpsons and here that is! -TheDailyWhat
  • The CW picked up that Sex and the City prequel that we’ve been waiting for. Perfect. Congratulations to us. -Vulture
  • American Idol is back, and so are Richard Lawson’s wonderful American Idol recaps. It is truly something to celebrate. Please read them. -TheAtlantic
  • Speaking of, I know I talked about this last week, but you should also be reading Max Silvestri’s Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off recaps. This show sounds amazing, it’s just too bad that I can’t imagine that it really exits for long enough to see what channel it’s on. -Grantland
  • And, finally, your Kardashian update for the day. Something about Khloe’s dad being OJ Simpson? I AM SURE THIS IS TRUE! -Dlisted