Everyone You Love Will Someday Hurt You

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to do what you think is right for yourself and for those you love. Because we are all human beings trying to figure things out for ourselves before we die and go to Heaven, there will be times when you get hurt. Whether it is through overhearing a negative conversation about you, or not getting invited to some sort of party that you figured you’d probably be invited to because you’ve hung out with this person a lot and all of your friends are invited sooo, or if you sneeze and then your adorable twin babies mock your sneeze over and over again, or if you’re accidentally sent a text that was meant for someone else that didn’t refer to you by name but you’re pretty sure the person who sent it was talking about you and what they said was not very flattering. All kinds of different scenarios, each equal parts character building and heartbreaking. You learn that, as it turns out, everyone is kind of a jerk. Especially your sneeze babies.

He can’t help the way he sneezes, babies! He’s just trying to live his life! Why don’t you just BACK OFF! (Via StuffIStole.)