This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

It is only two weeks into 2012 and we are already cooking. This week brings us new trailers for a Wes Anderson movie, and that Friends with Kids movie that is basically the entire cast of Bridesmaids but also Adam Scott, and then there is a documentary about LCD Soundsystem that looks really good! Also some other trailers, too, plenty of trailers, don’t even worry about whether or not there will be enough trailers because there’s tons. Trailers!

Moonrise Kingdom

Hmmm. We all kind of know what’s going on here, right? I mean, I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox so much (Kelly probably hates it, I bet) and obviously Rushmore is great, and Royal Tenenbaums is almost great. (Steve Zisou is just awful, but whatever. And people seem really conflicted about Darjeeling Limited although I actually liked it quite a bit.) Wes Anderson does what he does and I’m sure many of us are fans, and we will all go see this, and fingers crossed that it is good, but is it just me or does this feel like re-heated leftovers. I mean, that Bill Murray joke at the end with the axe is just the elevator scene from Rushmore, and the whole thing just feels very tough to get “excited” about. But we will see!

Friends With Kids

Sure! The cast is great, obviously. Romantic comedies done well can be the best. Someone on the Internet (as if I don’t know exactly who) said that this just looked like all of the other movies Hollywood has been churning out for years, but I don’t actually agree. There is certainly a common trope of being in love with your friend without realizing it, but that’s usually a pretty superficially handled plot point to get people into silly situations, and this movie doesn’t seem that silly. There is also a lot of truth to opposite sexed friendships getting weird and complicated, so this seems like perfectly fruitful territory to explore. GO FORTH, THIS MOVIE! (But again, we will see.)

Shut Up And Play The Hits

Whoa. This looks great. The end.

Girl In Progress

I can totally imagine watching this on Netflix instant one night and maybe even finishing it in one sitting. That’s about it, but that’s still something!


Oh man, remember what it was like to be a teenager? When your new boyfriend would text you and be like “Can you go to Paris?” and you would text back, “Yes”? Remember? FIRST LOVE! It’s obviously amazing that a movie hasn’t been called LOL before, but in particular it was just so smart of them to make LOL her nickname but also include “Laugh Out Loud” in the title so that we don’t get too confused. In conclusion: best movie of 2012.

The Broken Tower

Film Critic James Franco gives James Franco five stars in James Franco.