This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

When you think back on this time last year, and all of the movies that you either knew were coming out or didn’t even know where coming out in 2011 and then about how now all of the movies of 2011 are already out and we know everything there is to know about them (except which of them will win this year’s MOONMAN) it’s pretty neat to imagine all of the mysteries that this NEW year is going to hold. Ooooooooh. (I’m in collegggggggggge.) Let’s talk about the trailers for some of these mysteries!

Upside Down

You know how sometimes you see a trailer for a movie and you’re like, this seems like a neat idea for a movie and I would see a movie kind of like this maybe even almost exactly like this, but probably not this? Yeah.

Thin Ice

Ew. I like all of these actors and I’m sure this is well written or something, but movies in which down on their luck people get into even worse situations and are “punished” by “the Universe” for their momentary lapses in judgement never appeal to me. And/or this is an “archly-comic” look at someone who actually is actually a thief and murderer, which also doesn’t appeal to me. So, either way. What is this movie called, anyway, Fargo 2?


Linda Cardellini! Stirring Post War Traumatic Stress Syndrome Drama! OK!

Silent House

Wait, is it the silence that kills her? Or is it THE MONSTERS? Come on, trailer, get your story straight. P.S. Elisabeth Olsen is very easy to look at and I hope she pees herself in all of her movies.

Bel Ami

Team No Thanks.


Whoa. This movie has been gossiped about for awhile in Nerd Town (the Internet) but it never really meant anything to me either way. Like, I enjoy the Alien series, and Ridley Scott has made plenty of good movies, but I’m also an adult with other things on my mind, and Ridley Scott is an Advanced Adult who might have lost his touch and all in all the jury wasn’t out because the jury hadn’t even been called in, but this trailer looks UH REAL GOOD. Let’s go see it now, can we see it now? What are you doing Saturday? Let’s see this.