This Woman Has A Fair Enough Snowman Phobia

I know we’ve had some fun in the past at the expense of those with very silly phobias, and that perhaps the idea that someone has a phobia of snowmen, like this woman in the video does, would be thrown automatically into our LOLPhobia.file desktop folder, because LOLOL, but — HOLD ON A SECOND! It’s easy for us to think that we’re above being afraid of the lovable winter character, but maybe we just don’t really get him like this lady this? I maybe think that this lady is onto something. This clip is very short (so short that I really don’t even have any idea about what it is at all) so I’m not sure if the phobia is of all snowmen or this particular snowman but in the case of the latter, HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS!

HahahahaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! (Via TheDailyWhat.)