Another Soldier Surprising Their Kid Video To Make You Cry

I don’t know what it is about these videos of soldiers returning from far away places and surprising their kids, but I watch and love every single one of them even though they make me feel great but terrible all at the same time. Uggghh, THE KIDS! They’re always so happy! And they’re always crying! And then the parents are crying! And then we’re ALL crying, and we don’t even know these people and are just watching videos on our computers! Wonderful, just wonderful. It’s kind of like putting yourself through watching a horror movie, except more heartwarming and then a little different in a few other ways. Well, anyway, here is one of those videos! It’s great! It’s the holidays! It’s time to be around loved ones who are away from you most of the time and who you miss so much and who surprise you in your classroom in front of all of your classmates and who are the best!

Ugh, and I LOVE how in the beginning he gave a peace sign to the camera and the kid next to him made him put his hand down. You mind your own business, kid!!! This kid can give the peace sign if he wants!!! WE LOVE HIM! (Via Gothamist.)