Oh Great, The Jersey Shore Producers Are Casting A Geek Reality Show

Listen up, GEEKS! Have you ever wanted to be as famous, appreciated, and admired as the cast of the Jersey Shore? And have you ever wanted to go on a reality show specifically looking for geeks under the guise that it will be a welcome place for people who like sci-fi and comic books to just be who they are when, most likely, it will end up little more than a blooper role of nerdy kids embarrassing themselves? In a way that both capitalizes on the popularity of nerd culture and the always-popular feeling derived from laughing at nerdy old nerds? Because it’s TV? And that’s what TV DOES?! Well great, here’s the casting call, via Slashfilm:

You are officially being summoned for an experimental documentary series that takes a deeper look at the lives and relationships of people who love fantasy, fiction, cosplay, comics, gaming and science.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… men and women were free to create their own universes, passionately collect their obsessions, and proudly celebrate their eccentricities without any persecution from their peers. Now it’s time for the nerds to once again have their revenge, and show just why it’s the geeks who shall inherit the Earth.

“FANDOM RISING” is currently looking for those who value brains over brawn, substance over status quo, and march to the beat of their own cantina band. If your life is filled with the exquisite, the extraordinary and the exceptional, you are officially being summoned to join the Fandom Rising!

Oh I just can’t wait. “Big Bang Theory meets the Real World.” I bet that was the pitch. “SAY NO MORE!” That’s probably what the person being pitched to said. And then the meeting was over. And everyone went to sleep right in the meeting room, right where they were standing or sitting. They all just collapsed. (Head here to apply!)