Favorite Animal Videos Of 2011

It’s hard to match the joy one gets from watching a wonderful animal video. They’re short, often cute, often very funny, and unlike everything else in life, they ask for nothing in return. Just perfect little slices of Internet free for everyone to enjoy, and 2011 was FULL OF THEM! There are so many good ones, and we watched so many of them all over again to make this list because we couldn’t stop ourselves. 2011 also brought with it the birth of The Petting Zoo, our weekly top ten animal video countdown, ensuring us at least ten new animal videos a week. How did we ever even live without it before? It’s like the “Allegory of the Cave.” For a while we were all in the cave without a top-ten countdown of animal videos, and now we’re out of the cave and we’re like oh yeah, this is much better than the shadows on the wall from before. “Animal videos.” -Mr. Plato. So, with that history lesson taught, let’s move onto the videos! Certainly there have been over 45 billion amazing animal videos this year and this is just an incredibly short list of OUR favorites, so feel free to add your own in the comments. DUH. Ends of years are times for sharing. Any other smart things we can add before the videos? No? GREAT!

Mom Cat Hugs Kitten

Monkey Bath

Headbanging Bear

Dog Riding A Bicycle

Mariachi Band Serenades Beluga Whale

Baby Chimpanzee Feeding A Baby Tiger

Heavy Metal Penguin

Lion Trying So Hard To Eat A Baby

Dog Disco!

Slow Loris With A Tiny Umbrella