The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer Open Thread

The most anticipated movie trailer since the release of The Dark Knight Rises movie trailer is finally here! (Our one day streak of not having a big movie trailer to talk about is finally broken. Watch it in HD on Apple’s website. It’s just better that way!) It’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey! Gettin’ the ol’ gang back together! Minus Aragorn, of course. (I really hope they don’t do some kind of X-Men: First Class Wolverine-drinking-at-a-bar-in-Cuba style 2 second cameo. Or do I? Perhaps I wish that MOST OF ALL.) But when God closes an Aragorn, he opens a Martin Freeman. We love Martin Freeman! Obviously, I am excited for this movie and will see it and I really liked the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and for the most part I still think Peter Jackson has it in him to make good movies (see also: Heavenly Creatures) although at times he allows his enthusiasm for visual effects to replace human emotion with a two-dimensional brand of melodrama set to an Enya score, but still, I think he’ll make it pretty good. My main concern, though, is just that what we really want is a fourth LOTR movie and the fact of the matter is that The Hobbit just isn’t one. (NO NERDO.) You know what I mean, though? All of the sneaked in references to the old movies in this trailer are cute but they are NOT ENOUGH. And how are you not going to show the dragon? I would rather see the dragon than some old Gollum. If it makes him feel better, you can let Andy Serkis play the dragon, too. Who cares. Anyway, I am excited but also nervous, but also not really, I mean it’s just a movie trailer and when it comes out it will just be a movie. Occupy Wall Street is entering its fourth month. The final convoy of American troops has left Iraq. I’m just saying, let’s keep things in perspective. And let’s hear what you guys think of this HOT TRAILER!