The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

I’d like to tell you right off the bat that I was planning on doing “The Petting Zoo: Holiday Edition” this week with ten holiday-themed animal videos. But then I was trying to find holiday-themed animal videos and they were all the worst things I’ve ever seen. They were mostly just iMovie montages of cats with slides saying “happy holidays from the cat,” or just, like, animals with bows on. They were terrible! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the abysmal holiday video graveyard that I found. Oh well. In any case, here we are! Ten animal videos, two of which are still holiday themed, one just by coincidence and one that I found in the graveyard and exhumed because of how perfect it is. I can hardly wait to get to them. I really can’t wait to show you the graveyard one. I hope you like it as much as I do. (I’m almost positive that you probably won’t.) YAY, VIDEOS!

10. Pig And Dog

9. Lola Speaks Her Mind

8. Puppy Christmas

7. Cat Jumps <3

6. Dog Dancing To “My Humps”

5. Cat Soothes Crying Baby To Sleep

4. Monkey Washes Dishes In The Forest

3. What Baby Rhinos Sound Like

2. Pandas Play In The Snow

1. A Horse Not Even Trying To Pretend Like It’s Singing “Jingle Bell Rock”

Here’s a fun fact: I originally had that horse video (the graveyard video) at number ten because it’s so terrible but I still wanted to include it, but then I realized that it was actually perfect and moved it to number one! CONGRATULATIONS, HORSE! I love you! You don’t care about looking like you’re singing “Jingle Bell Rock” at all, and neither does the person who made the video! You’re both the best! Happy holidays! To the rest of you — Pandas, great job, obviously. Very cute and snowy and appropriate. Rhinos, I cannot believe that’s what you sound like. I’m not MORE surprised than I was when I heard what a porcupine sounded like, but I’m probably the same amount of surprised. (Very surprised.) Monkey washing dishes, of course — beautiful, just breathtaking. The jumping cat is very good. Puppy Christmas probably though it would be higher on the list because it seems pretty cocky, but honestly that video is kind of boring. DO SOMETHING, PUPPIES! I still love you but I wish you would just do something every once in a while. And to all of you, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you in 2012, where the animal videos will be, I’m sure, even better. If not the same or worse, GOODBYE!