The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Open Thread

If you were on the Internet at all yesterday, then you have already seen The Dark Knight Rises trailer because it was the only thing going on. We didn’t post it because it was Monday, and we do our trailer recaps on Friday, and IMPORTANT RULES ARE IMPORTANT RULES. But then we remembered that Friday is basically Christmas and we’re not doing a trailer recap this Friday, so if we ever want to talk about this trailer THE TIME IS NOW. So? Guys? GUYS? Not baaaaaad. Very mysterious! You cannot figure out from this trailer who wins the football game! Is it the Gotham Alligators or the Pandora Gleep Gloops?! One thing I will say, though, is that they better work out this Bane shit by next summer. You cannot understand a word that dude says. And, hey, Christopher Nolan, we can SEE that he’s wearing a creepy mask, OK? The effect of him wearing a creepy mask won’t be ruined by being able to understand his dialog. I’ve watched this trailer a few times now and as far as I can tell he says, “When Gotham is in ashes, lkajlsdieowwfx godfasodfieiesd.” Is that right? Did I get it right? (If you haven’t watched, somehow, a) you’re fired and b) you can see it in HD on the Apple website.) So, what did you guys think?