Who Are Some Top Celebs That Should Get PUNK’D On The Reboot Of PUNK’D?

It was announced today that everyone’s favorite show, PUNK’D, is coming back to MTV. Again. (Because remember how it already came back to MTV with Justin Bieber for a second? OK, but now it’s coming back another time is what I’m trying to tell you.) There is still no word on who the host/hostess (but let’s be real: host) will be, because MTV is planning on announcing it during their New Year’s Eve LIVE special, which we will all be watching for sure. Who DOESN’T watch MTV on New Year’s Eve? No one. No one doesn’t watch it. Anyway, this is just really exciting news for America and a bright spot in the otherwise miserable day for North Koreans. But the question we now have to answer is WHO SHOULD WE PUNK’D?! It’s a whole new generation of great celebrities to GET with some PRANK’S.

  • Herman Cain
  • Pippa Middleton
  • Betty White
  • Louis C.K.
  • Miranda July
  • Ryan Gosling.
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Tom Pranks

This is going to be a wonderful show, just as it always has been.