The Best Viral Videos Of 2011: A Retrospective

Time is flexible and subjective, so a minute can seem like a lifetime, while a lifetime can flash by in a second. (At least, that is what my throw pillow will say when I am done embroidering it.) And this is the time of year when everything really does seem to simultaneously compress and expand. Looking back on the past 12 months, it feels like it flew by, and at the same time, we are different people living in a different world now. Plenty has happened! The question is how did it happen so quickly? Wowowowowow! (It’s neat to be the first person to ever think something. A brand new idea is born!) Anyway, I have to be completely honest with you, this is one of my favorite posts of the year because it offers such a treasure trove of memories, and it’s also a wonderful time for me to express how much I appreciate the readers and the comments and the tips and the GIFs and Kelly and Stereogum and the whole thing. The world is weird and life is complicated, but right here, right now, for better or for worse, we have each other, and we have the Internet, and we have this incredible montage of the year’s best viral videos. ENJOY!

Featured videos (in order):

1. Classic Tablecloth Trick Done Perfectly
2. Nyan Cat
3. Dog Playing Piano
4. Trampoline Kitty
5. Ketchup Robot
6. More Sand
7. Slow Loris With A Tiny Umbrella
8. Yogurt Baby
9. Full Body Spandex Backflip Trampoline Accident
10. Disgusting Video Of A Sneeze
11. Honey Badger
12. Gold Surprise
13. Evil Baby
14. Chinchillas In Wine Glasses
15. Dog On A Bicycle
16. Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Pt. 2
17. Man In A Horse Mask Playing Piano
18. Flour Disaster
19. Girl Sings “Home” With Dad
20. Man Licking Shoe On Subway
21. Man Slides Down A Urinal
22. I Have A Bad Case Of Diarrhea
23. Rick Perry Political Ad
24. Herman Cain Political Ad
25. Face Flex Ultra
26. Man Whistling “Georgia On My Mind”
27. Boat Show Blooper
28. News Reporter Says Gibberish
29. Just A Good Description Of A Car Accident
30. Meow Interruption
31. Woman Cries About Falling Into Fountain
32. Plastic Bag Videobombs Boring Interview
33. Boom Boom Boom Now Let Me Hear You Say Way-Ho!
34. Webcam 101 For Seniors
35. Old Man Loves Selena Gomez
36. Angry Boy Needs To Rest His Case About Flip Flops And Boat Shoes
37 . Woman Loves Cats
38. Brad Is An Actor And Model
39. A Butter Message To The USA
40. Like Mah Status
41. This Is What A Dinosaur Feels Like
42. Chicken Fiddler
43. Michele Bachmann Girls
44. Motivational Bike Kid
45. Divine Rags
46. Pet Nutz Live Bait Commercial
47. Happy Hot Dog Man
48. Chuck Testa Taxidermy
49. Divine Rags
50. Rebecca Black, “Friday”
51. Kid Cudi Baby
52. Kids Krumping
53. Chair Dancing
54. Going To The Store
55. Superhero Dance Group
56. A. Samuels Is “Livin De Life”
57. Dancing Husky
58. Dog Disco
59. Croatian Grandma Dancing
60. Dancing Dude In Cardiff
61. Chet Haze Official Music Video
62. Beyonce Surprises Kids
63. Thom Yorke Dances To Comically Inappropriate Songs
64. Chinese Male Cheerleader
65. A Slow Dance For Teens
66. More Kids Krumping
67. In A Moment We Will Get To The Dancing
68. Apple Store Kid Dancing
69. Princess Girls Sing Nicki Minaj
70. God Is Doing A New Thang
71. I Ain’t Gonna Pee Pee My Bed Tonight
72. Azealia Banks, “212”
73. Dancing With Swords
74. Goth Dudes Dancing To “Vogue”
75. LSD Zombie Dance
76. If You’re Going To Get Caught Dancing In The Kitchen, Make Sure You Are The World’s Best Dancer
77. Abracadabra
78. I Wish This Guy Was My Dad
79. Kid Dancing Outside The Morning News