Saturday Night Live: Jimmy Fallon And Michael Bublé

Well, that was good! I think a lot of people feel this way, but the level of affection I have for Jimmy Fallon has increased greatly since he stopped being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Not that he wasn’t good on Saturday Night Live, but I always kind of didn’t like him? I think it was because I didn’t feel like he seemed very genuine and I thought he was a showy jerk, and I was annoyed when I heard he was taking over Late Night. Basically I just remember a vague dislike that I clearly shouldn’t have even gone into because I don’t know how to explain it but oh well, no looking back now! What I’m saying is that Jimmy Fallon, since taking over the Late Night, has become someone who I really like and who seems like a good person, and I was excited for this episode. And it was good! But not great. But still good! The “Sully and Denise” cold open was just the best. “My mother lost her birth certificate in a sex fire.” LOLOL. And the monologue was also great. And there were other good things that we’ll talk about in a minute, but there were also some not good things that kind of slowed the whole operation down, like the “don’t make me sing” lady sketch. OOF! I almost like it because of how much I hate it and how annoying it is, but almost don’t count, as she says. Also: The Tim Tebow sketch. I DON’T KNOW WHO THAT PERSON IS! Also: The Beethoven sketch. That one really wasn’t that bad, I appreciated how weird it was, but also the joke really wasn’t that good and it went on forever. Also: So many good things happened! Let’s talk about them.

The “Sully and Denise” cold open, as I’ve already mentioned, was the best. Hi, Rachel Dratch! Hi, Amy Poehler!

I enjoyed the “Jimmy in the mirror” sketch very much, and the fact that Andy Samberg does a terrible Jimmy Fallon somehow only made me like it more. Jimmy Fallon was even doing a pretty bad Jimmy Fallon here, TBH. Still a very enjoyable sketch and it was nice to see because the premise of this sketch is a premise that I always liked very much. GREAT.

The Today Show sketch wasn’t particularly great, except for how oddly long the section before Jimmy Fallon came out was, AKA the best section. I could watch Kristen Wiig be Kathy Lee for days and days and days and days and days and days.

Buble Duets was good mostly for the Thom Yorke and the heart Justin Bieber dance move, and leastly for MIA. What year is this? 2009? Get outta here with that.

The “One Man Show” sketch was very good. That’s all. NEXT!

Andy Samberg’s Nicolas Cage is perfect and I love it.

Joke off! Featuring all our old pals! Who doesn’t love to see all our old pals back together. Great job. I just wish that while Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz were both there they did a “Rick” sketch together. WHY NOT?! Just because neither of them are the host and there wasn’t any reason for it? That’s not a good reason for why not! RIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

Oh yeah, speaking of Horatio Sanz, all of our OTHER old pals were back to play “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.” Hooray! Good job, boys! You did it! Remember when Julian Casablancas covered that song? That was weird!

Some other funny things happened, like Kristen Wiig having Emma Watson’s voice in the “War Horse” sketch, but I’m holding back on posting that one just because I feel like I’ve already posted the entire episode. WHERE’S MY WAR HORSE? Also: Michael Bublé sang some wonderful holiday classics. What I think Michael Bublé’s life is reminds me of this piece of short humor by Michael Ian Black. “Ok, ok. I’ll sing one song.” – Michael Bublé, so upset at a party.

THE END! See you in 2012, with host Charles Barkley and musical guest Kelly Clarkson!