High School Prank In Which Teenagers Make Out With Their Parents Seems Like A Normal, Fun Prank

Great prank, everyone, especially the parents who agreed to take part in it. You guys are good parents who recognize a GREAT prank. It’s just fun! I’m really starting to rethink my whole position on pranks, which formerly was that pranks are the worst, always, but now I’m thinking maybe pranks are the best, based on how cool and fun and funny this wonderful prank was*. Just a treat. And when you show up for sentencing and the judge asks, just tell him that you love a good fun prank almost as much as you’ve loved raising the child you just made out with in front of a group of shrieking teenagers. He’ll get it. The warden will get it. Your cellmate will get it. Everyone loves this. (Via BlameItOnTheVoices.)

*I am not rethinking my position on pranks and if anything my position is stronger than ever.