The Videogum Holiday Party Open Thread

We’re all leaving the “office” early today to attend a holiday party with the boys from Stereogum. In another world (see also: Sliding Doors 2.0) there would have been an actual Videogum Holiday Party tonight with live comedy and fun and friendship for all of us and all of you. That was a real thing that was going to happen at one point! But there were scheduling difficulties and the war on terror, probably, and that never did come to pass. What’s fun, though, is telling you about an idealized, perfect event that will never happen. It’s just fun! All of this being said, dreams and failures aside, throw them on the old dreams and failures pile to be burned with the rest of ‘em, but when life gives you hypothetical lemons that got canceled, make end of day blogonade! (What?! Don’t worry about it. Just drink your egg nog and HUSH.) What I’m saying is let’s have our very own Videogum Holiday Party right here. Right now. We will bring the open thread, you bring the Photoshopped Christmas cards, animated GIFs, ironic sweater ebay auctions, and Secret Santa Facebook pokes. It’s a real party and we’re all invited! (It’s not a real party. That was a lie. But can we please stop second guessing ourselves for once and START having FUNNNN for once?!) Let’s all get under the mistletoe and kiss JUST KIDDING. Can you die from drinking too much Purell? GUYS, THIS PARTY IS GREAT BUT THE DJ SUCKS! Don’t embarrass yourself. Be safe. Friends don’t let friends blog ugh, forget it. Party!!!!