Howard Stern Is The New America’s Got Talent Judge, Plus Other Things That Sound Crazy Even Though They Are Not And Who Cares

HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS? Popular SiriusXM “shock-jock” and Private Parts star Howard Stern will be replacing Piers Morgan on America’s number one “Got Talent” show, America’s Got Talent! “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” – EverybodyParents.Org, and me a little bit in reaction to the news. That seems weird? I mean, let me be clear that it actually does not, but if we can take a break from understanding how the world works for a second: THAT SEEMS WEIRD! He has greasy hair and is mean on the radio and curses and talks about gross things! How is he going to be able to judge children throwing fire knives or whatever happens on America’s Got Talent?! TUNE IN TO FIND OUT! From Entertainment Weekly:

The broadcaster announced Thursday morning that the popular radio shock-jock will critique its eclectic talent show, replacing Piers Morgan, who left to focus on his CNN interview program. Production on Got Talent will move to New York City, where Stern will continue to conduct his SiriusXM radio program.

They’re moving the show to him! That’s kind of nuts. Think about AGT host Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s burgeoning family having to be uprooted. Now, STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT! If we can step back for a moment, of course this news does not seem weird at all because, first of all, we don’t watch this show and we don’t know when it’s on TV and if you asked us what network it was on we would guess NBC but honestly it could be CBS for all we know. Second of all, a reality talent show hosted and judged by kind-of celebrities adding another kind-of celebrity to the panel is only the exact thing to expect from that reality talent show. Soooooo. NORMAL NEWS! Other normal entertainment news that sounds crazy after the jump! HOORAY!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! What a super crazy Hollywood world we all get to hear about! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!