What Is Christmas, If Not A Time For Being Yourself?

This isn’t Halloween. This isn’t some holiday where you go around disguising who you are in your day-to-day life because you’re around people who suddenly seem like strangers themselves, though you’ve known them for your entire life. This isn’t a period of time during which you visit different houses, hoping that they at least give you something good to eat when you get there because there has to be something to make this whole song and dance seem worth it at the end. This isn’t a day that seems to have gotten more and more built up since you were a child, even though each year it only leaves you feeling more and more let down than anything. And it is certainly not a holiday that you just try to enjoy every year without having to deal with the cynicism that pervades every day of your normal life, but find it hard to do so because so many of your peers are holiday-hating jerks. NO! This isn’t Halloween! This is CHRISTMAS! A time for dressing like an angel and being adorable and singing like no one can hear you and, in fact, like you can’t even hear yourself. The most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

You’re the best, girl! I only hope that my own future child will be an adorably attention-stealing total SCENE like this one. If not, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed in them. Not mad, just disappointed. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)