A Friendly Chat With Gabe And Kelly: The Dictator Trailer

Gabe: hi kelly
Kelly: Hi, Gabe
Kelly: What’s up
Gabe: i’ll tell you what’s up
Gabe: the trailer for sacha baron cohen’s The Dictator came out today
Kelly: Oh yeah I saw it.
Gabe: that guy
Kelly: The weird thing about it is that I had really no idea that it was going to be SO bad.
Gabe: well, right
Gabe: i think a lot of people feel that way
Kelly: Like I thought it would just be normal bad.
Gabe: wait, normal bad?

Kelly: Well like
Kelly: Normal movie that I don’t really want to see
Gabe: i see
Gabe: do you like any of his other movies?
Kelly: Kind of. I liked the Ali G show and then I kind of liked Borat and then I didn’t really like the other one
Kelly: Do you like any of his other movies?
Kelly: Do you hate him?
Gabe: I liked the Ali Gi show and I liked Borat although I thought it was a little problematic
Gabe: and I did not like Bruno
Kelly: We agree!!!!!!!!!!
Gabe: I don’t like how he would just find people and be mean to them right in their own homes sometimes
Gabe: like, those guys are just trying to get through their day
Gabe: they don’t want to be part of your ART
Kelly: Yeah
Gabe: but it was still pretty funny a lot of times
Gabe: and very “brave” or some shit, i don’t even know
Gabe: but Bruno was just gross
Gabe: what was even going on there?
Kelly: Only a LOT of being mean to babies, from what I can remember.
Gabe: Perez Hilton is very into this Dictator trailer:
Gabe: “We don’t know how Sacha Baron Cohen does it, but he comes up with an even funnier, wackier character every time!”
Kelly: Hahahahaha
Kelly: First of all this isn’t really another character
Kelly: It is too close to Borat
Kelly: To be a wackier character than Borat
Gabe: “My wiiife.”
Kelly: “It’s niiice.”
Gabe: Very wife.

Kelly: My god this trailer
Kelly: MEGAN FOX? What is Megan Fox doing.
Kelly: What is her character
Kelly: She has the same name as Megan Fox but certainly Megan Fox has enough watches that she doesn’t have to sleep with Borat
Gabe: it’s just fun
Gabe: she’s just playing with her image
Gabe: no one would ever believe that she’d use sex
Gabe: for financial gain
Gabe: it’s ridiculous, it just goes against everything we think about her
Kelly: You’re right I guess that was a little over my head.
Kelly: Did Sacha Baron Cohen write this movie and did he write it by himself?
Kelly: Not to change the subject
Kelly: But I was thinking about the Kardashian joke
Kelly: And like
Kelly: Why would you ever put that joke in a movie?
Gabe: i have heard stories about him
Gabe: and i think he is a monster now
Gabe: so he probably did write it himself
Kelly: What kind of stories have you heard about him
Gabe: that he is an asshole
Gabe: but, like, BIG TIME
Gabe: treats people like garbage
Gabe: those kinds of stories
Gabe: i think they’re called “fables”?
Kelly: Sure. That makes sense.
Kelly: Seeing as how
Kelly: From the Ali G show to Bruno he seemed to get more and more comfortable getting fewer and fewer laughs out of treating people like more and more garbage
Kelly: That it would just continue that way
Kelly: Until he would decide that making a joke about how the Kardashians are hairy wasn’t a bad decision.
Gabe: it does seem to be a trick for people
Gabe: to not just start making the worst decisions
Gabe: as soon as they become famous
Gabe: see also: Ricky Gervais
Gabe: and: Jon Heder
Kelly: Yeah I think I just saw a picture of Jon Heder’s trophy case.

Gabe: the nice thing about sacha baron cohen’s new movie is that it’s time
Gabe: between the death of osama bin laden and gadaffi
Gabe: and the arab spring
Gabe: what we want is a thinking man’s Zohan or whatever this is
Gabe: IT’S TIME!
Kelly: Hahaha
Gabe: change your avatar to green to support The Dictator trailer!
Kelly: Change your Twitter location to “At The Movies Seeing The Dictator”!
Kelly: What I think is the nice thing about The Dictator is that
Kelly: It tackles the issues, sure
Kelly: But it gives you a LOT of laughs along the way.
Gabe: i hope there’s a scene where a woman gets stoned to death
Kelly: lololol don’t even I don’t want it spoiled but I hope that follows a scene where she is raped by the dictator’s friend and the dictator is like, “aw, NOT AGAIN”
Kelly: cut to: stoning
Kelly: Ugh I want it nowwwwwwwwowoowoowowwowowow
Gabe: we all do, kelly
Gabe: because of how good it looks