Geek Love Is On TLC This Weekend, May Be Garbage

That looks pretty good! But, Pop Candy wrote up a review of the two-part special that airs this Sunday and points out that the show spends a little too much time making fun of the people on it, which is a real shame, because a) fuck you, this show, b) how about you spend NO time making fun of the people on it, and c) that is not even that enjoyable of a thing anyway. What is enjoyable is watching some nerds find each other! Everyone deserves love in their lives, even these old nerds. Besides, going to Comic-Con to make fun of people for being nerds is like a homophobe walking into a gay bar to commit a hate crime. Come on. Comic-Con is a safe place for nerds, and this speed dating event is clearly a safe zone within the safe zone. It’s so weird that TLC is doing something exploitative and that doesn’t have its participants best interests in mind. So unlike TLC to do that. Hopefully, though, there are some nice scenes about two weirdos discovering they can be weird together and finding happiness in that. Hopefully there is at least a little of it. For the human beings who might be watching.