The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Finally we ge to talk about the bear waving video! I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for one hundred days, that’s how much I’ve wanted to talk about this bear waving video. Have you guys seen it? I’m sure you must’ve seen it. If you haven’t seen it don’t worry, I’ve included it in the list and you’ll see it shortly. One annoying thing about the bear waving video, though, is that — and this is just my own observation — sometimes when you excitedly send it to your friends, eager to spread just the tiniest amount of joy in this bleak world, they respond by saying, “Yeah, but after you watch the video a bunch of other videos pop up of other bears doing the exact same thing.” Ugh. UGH. This is true, to be fair, but can’t you guys all just leave it alone and love this specific bear-waving video for what it is? A PERFECT video? Of a bear doing a human thing? It’s almost the holidays, for crying out loud. So, let’s see it! And all the other ones! HOORAY!

10. Yorkie Puppy Plays With Baby

9. Slow Loris Eating A Tangerine

8. So Many Sloths

7. Owl Loves Dog

6. Lion Cub’s Tiny Roar

5. Cockatiel Sings Super Mario Theme

4. Dog Eats In Special Highchair

3. Bearded Dragon Playing Ant Crusher

2. Waving Bear

1. Seal Pup Home Invader

Congratulations, Seal Pup Home Invader! This video is a little peculiar because the video is actually not very good, but the story behind the video is AMAZING! A woman in New Zealand awoke in the night to find a tiny fur seal pup, who crawled in through her cat door, curled up and sleeping on her couch. And she had to call her friends to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. And that’s pretty much the end of the story, you can click on the link to read more about it, but that is the best thing I could ever imagine finding asleep on your couch!! My God. What a cute thing. Anyway, so, yes, congratulations on your number one spot! You really earned it. Waving bear, of course, comes in second. I hope people don’t think the bearded dragon video is cruel because the bearded dragon thinks he should be getting real ants. I’m sure he gets plenty of real ants! And look how good he is at that game! Congratulations to him. Ooh, the dog who eats in the special high chair, he has to eat in the special high chair because he has congenital megaesophagus, which makes it so he can’t eat on all fours. But look at how it doesn’t slow him down! What a trooper! Look at how he knows how to get into the chair himself and is so excited about it! Love ya, dog. Basically all the videos this week are amazing and I don’t think any of the other ones need any explanation. So, you’re all great! CONGRATULATIONS!