Just A Nice Holiday Themed Internet Video: “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” On Glass Harp

I’m not sure if all of you’ve been listening to Pandora’s “Indie Holiday” radio station as much as I have, but WOW is that is a terrible Pandora radio station! First of all it’s 90% She & Him, and when it’s not She & Him it’s just, like, Matt Pond PA being VERY sad about going to grandma’s house, or the same Death Cab for Cutie song over and over (“Baby Please Come Home”). I have to imagine that other “Indie Holiday” songs exist! But here we are, stuck in this terrible Pandora mix. And yet I continue to listen to it pretty much every day because, well, number one is because I obviously like to create miserable living situations for myself, but also because holiday music is the best! But “classic” holiday music feels like a bit much for a person sitting alone in their room. So, again, here we are. WHAT’S THE SOLUTION? Will we all just have to die, because that’s how dire this situation is? You might think so, but NO! That’s where this video of two lovely people playing Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plumb Fairy” on a bunch of glasses filled with water comes in! Such a wonderful break from the terrible norm that we’ve dedicated ourselves to for absolutely no reason.

HOW DO THEY EVEN DO IT? I won’t mention that the first thing that came to mind when hearing this song was this M&Ms commercial because I think we can all agree that there have been enough embarrassing facts in this post already. Happy Holidays! This sounded wonderful! (Via Neatorama.)