Can We Talk About Tallafornia, The Irish Jersey Shore?

When I did study abroad in college, because that’s right ladies, I went to college, I knew a dude who eventually told me that the first time we met he was fully expecting me to open a beer bottle with my teeth. I’d like to think this is because of my rugged and magnetic animalism, but I think he was just making a stupid comment about my being American. And even people who were a little less forward with their ridiculous and stupid assumptions about us would still get to a point in the evening where they would say with a pleading and subdued sincerity, “but you guys do all eat McDonald’s for every meal, right?” Right! Now, the reality is that you cannot expect Europeans or anyone really to have any other impression of Americans considering how many of us there are wandering around wearing Corona t-shirts and asking “where is the toilet may I have a Coke?” And we are awful. I’m with Obama on how awful we are. The thing that these chain-smoking, olive oil and Toblerone-scented Europeans with their brightly colored backpacks and their disinterest in brushing their teeth don’t realize is that EVERYONE is terrible. Americans are the worst, but so is everybody else. So it’s nice to see a trailer for a show called Tallafornia, which is basically the Irish Jersey Shore, because it’s like, well, yeah, exactly.

Headphones UP! Eyes closed!

Ewwwww! Or as the Irish say, Blarney Stone! Here’s an extended trailer with commentary:

Congratulations to all of us in the whole world. We’re doing great and we are great and this is great and congratulations and we did it and good job. (Via BlameItOnTheVoices. Thanks for the tip, Yelena.)