Newt Gingrich Locks Down The Powerful Gary Busey Endorsement

The Republican contest for the presidential nomination just got a lot tighter now that Gary Busey broke his LEGENDARY silence and threw his crazy powerful face weight behind Newt Gingrich’s campaign. From the WashingtonScene (via EW):

[Gary Busey] held court in the living room, posing for picture after picture as guests lined up to meet him. He also discussed his thoughts on the 2012 presidential race, telling The Washington Scene he was endorsing former Speaker Newt Gingrich. “I’ve never met Newt but I know what he stands for,” Busey said.

Asked if he was a Republican, Busey replied “I’m a Texan.” Despite his loyalty to his home state, Busey has no interest in supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry. “He’s a good guy, he just doesn’t belong in the race,” the actor said, citing Perry’s stance on illegal immigration.

The actor, who appeared on “Celebrity Apprentice” earlier this year, had nothing but praise for Donald Trump, who contemplated a bid earlier this year. “Donald would be great. He’s a good friend,” Busey said. And if Trump did decide to make a last-minute run and win, Busey wasn’t worried the businessman would have trouble working with Congress.

“He would make Congress work with him.”

The fact that Gary Busey doesn’t think Rick Perry is right for the job, which is correct, but DOES think that Donald Trump would do a great job just shows you what a shrewd political thinker this guy is. He’s OUR generation’s James Carville or something. (I am not actually sure if James Carville is a shrewd political thinker or not. I know he’s bald and noisy.) “He would make Congress work with him.” Boom. Problem solved. It’s not quoted in the article, but I’m sure he followed that up with, “He would fix the economy perfect and everything would be perfect and sandwiches are free now and my mind is a leopard,” and that’s why I say we must vote for the Trump/Busey ticket in 2012. Herman Cain for secretary of state. FACTS ARE FACTS.