My The Black List, 2011

Since 2004, a Hollywood executive named Franklin Leonard has compiled a list of the “hottest” up-and-coming but unproduced screenplays in town as voted on by a secret elite squad of more than 300 fellow executives and fat cats. The list has helped to launch the careers of people like Diablo Cody, and whoever wrote (500) Days of Summer. Today, the list for 2011 came out, and you can read it here. Congratulations to everyone who made this year’s list. Especially a promising young man named Quentin Tarantino?! (Some people complain that the list has become a publicity tool of the studios, and that rather than highlighting unknown writers as it was originally intended to do, the list is now a collection of relatively high-profile and pre-vetted projects written by established showbiz insiders. I have no idea what half of the words in that sentence even mean, so I do not know if this is true or not, but I will say that Quentin Tarantino getting a script on The Black List definitely suggests that something might be up. Congratulations to him, though. Fingers crossed for all of his hopes and dreams.) Of course, as is Hollywood Tradition, another Black List was released today. Gabe Delahaye’s Black List Of Make Believe Movie Titles He Just Made Up Two Seconds Ago 2011. It’s a real treat every year. People love it. (Previously: My The Black List, 2010, My The Black List, 2009, and My The Black List, 2008.)

As always, I am proud to present first and exclusively the My The Black List in its entirety:

Doctor’s Orders
Welcome To Dream Town, Population: Orphans
Waiter, There’s A Zombie In My Soup!
11 Coats
A Young Girl Does Something That Surprises Her Close Minded Native Town Of Male Elders
Major Claybourne’s Sonnet
What I Learned From Some Elephants
Yo, Mrs. Kafka!
You And Me And Him And Her And Us And Them And This And That And Huh?

Congratulations to all of the made up titles that are so stupid.