Baby Tae Kwon Do Is Wonderful

It’s hard to love babies sometimes. Especially when there’s one that lives in the apartment above yours that never EVER stops crying, to the point where you’ve considered both knocking on the door of the apartment at 4AM to say something to the parents, or leaving a note under their door during the day. But what would you even say? “Can you please make the tiny, brainless person you own stop screaming somehow? I’m not sure if it’s bothering you guys at all but it’s certainly bothering me downstairs.” No, you can’t say that. I’m sure they’re having a much tougher time with it than you are, whoever the you might be in this story. Then again, though: YOU NEVER ASKED FOR THIS! You will get none of the joy that this baby has to offer. You’ll never get to teach it anything and you don’t even know what it looks like. You’ll only get the lack of sleep. So it’s nice, when faced with all of the terrible things that happen when babies exist in your life, to be able to get a little joy out of them, too. Like when you get to watch a video of them performing tae kwon do in the most wonderful way you could ever imagine. Maybe turn your volume down for this one though because although it is wonderful, it is also very loud and obnoxious. HOW FITTING.

Oh, babies. If only you were born at the age where you put on big puffy tae kwon do outfits and bounce around and almost kick each other. You’d be much easier to love from afar. (Thanks for the tip, Tom, Ashley, and Gideon!)