An Important Message To Dads From Justin Bieber

This is just a great way to market your new perfume, Justin Bieber. Dads will love it, and daughters will get it. Everyone’s happy. (The question of WHY you have a PERFUME in the first place will have to wait until another time. This is just for dads right now. Get out of here, moms!) So, just to clarify, dads should appreciate Justin Bieber because their daughters are unhealthily obsessing over him instead of getting ROCKED by the dude next door? EEEK! And, like, not just rocked, but, like, SCREAMS OF ECSTASY rocked. Johnny Next Door is a real pro. You know, dads. It’s awful when you hear your daughter’s sex screams, but they grow up so fast. Buy my perfume. THE FUCK?! (Via ONTD.)