Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum commenter Chris Trash did an interview with Katherine Chloe Cahoon for MOBFD’s Bookgum, currently reading her book The Single Girls Guide to Meeting European Men,  and it’s PRETTY amazing. Read it read it read it. -MOBFD
  • Aziz Ansari and his friend Matthew Shawver recreated Jay-Z and Kanye’s “N-Words In Paradise” in the emoticon template Emojis and, I hate to spoil anything for you, but it’s MOSTLY basketballs. (Did you see how I said “N-Words” rather than what it really is?) (I know.) -Stereogum
  • Apparently Bane is hard to understand in the Dark Knight Rises prologue that’s playing before the new Mission Impossible movie. My sincere apologies to all the Bane-os out there. Maybe you just don’t like Batman enough? Maybe that’s why you can’t understand him? Really, I have to ask, why did you even go to see the prologue if you hate it so much? -FilmDrunk
  • A squirrel was caught on tape setting off the fire alarm of an elementary school in Florida. Hah. Squirrels. It’s almost like what WON’T they do, right? -TheDailyWhat
  • Ugh, well, should we talk about the Lindsay Lohan Playboy cover? It’s fine. It’s that enough talking about it? It is what it is. What did she get paid for her Playboy shoot, a million dollars? I’m being sincere, was it a million dollars? If so, who can judge a MILLION? That’s literally a million dollars. -Dlisted
  • Katy Perry is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend. I think it will be fine. Also: ROBYN! “Call Your Girlfriend” and tell her that Robyn’s on SNL, more like. That’s what the song should be. Anyway, here are some photos of Katy and Andy Samberg and another celebrity filming a digital short for the episode! (The other celebrity is Matt Damon.) -Celebuzz
  • Oh, great, here are some of the most scathing critical responses to New Years Eve. Here is mine: “Uggghhhh. If THIS is New Years Eve, then my new years resolution is to NEVER see this movie again.” Whoooaa, that’s pretty scathing! Look at the others! -Movieline