The Starbucks Weddings Is Pretty Cute, To Be Honest

I know we all had the same idea about the Starbucks wedding just now when we read about it in the title of this post. “Starbucks wedding? HAH. Say no more, I get it.” Even though I told you right along side of the announcement that it is a “Starbucks wedding” that it is “pretty cute, to be honest,” you’ve more than likely already decided that it is NOT pretty cute — not to you — because holy moly that sounds terrible. And that is totally fair. It DOES sound terrible. To explain, the couple met in Starbucks, became “coffee friends,” and then fell in love. Still at this point one must think, “Uhhh yeah I could have guessed that, like the guy who proposed in the food court. STILL TERRIBLE. Still don’t have your wedding at Starbucks.” And, well, yes, correct. But does it help that this Starbucks is also where the bride had coffee with her mom every Tuesday while the groom was deployed in Iraq for fifteen months? That part is what kind of helped it for me. Still no for you, though? You’re tough, but you seem fair. I’ll give you that. Maybe you should just watch the video.

They seem normal, right? And cute? And you like them, even though the bride had to dance with her father in the parking lot which is, honestly, pretty bad? And you feel sympathetic because of how hard it must of been having him deployed to Iraq a month after they got engaged? And you feel like they’re holding onto this Starbucks thing pretty hard because it probably seemed like a concrete thing in their life when a lot of other things seemed scary and constantly changing? RIGHT GUYS? DO YOU EVEN HAVE HEARTS? (Via TheDailyWhat.)