BREAKING: Full Body Spandex Backflip Trampoline Accident

Some of us, and I’m not going to say who because it’s rude to call people out specifically when you don’t have all the FACTS, and it really could be any of us, there but for the grace of Ricky Gervais, but some of us are getting distracted by the joy and excitement of the holiday season. And also drunk. But the Internet cannot indulge this kind of behavior! The Internet must continue to operate as it always has: constantly, fake gayly, and with an emphasis on trampoline accidents. It was here when they put the first carton of egg nog on the shelf, and it will be here when the last pile of dead pine needles is swept into the trash. It’s up to you to CATCH UP. But when you do, you’ll see that everything is right where you left it, and that regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas, or Hannukah, or are one of those people who complain about hating the holidays as if anyone even wants to hear that noise, you can still enjoy a good old fashion teenager dressed up in a full body spandex outfit (with necktie?) suffering a backflip FAIL off of a trampoline. How’s that for a (full-body) stocking stuffer, you old HUMBUGS?!

A timeless classic for any season. (Via SayOMG.)