This Week In GIFs

Happy GIF time, everybody! Are you aware that there is only one more GIF Friday until the day BEFORE Christmas Eve? I realize the amount of words you have to say to describe that idea kind of makes it seem insignificant, but it FEELS very significant! THE HOLIDAYS ARE FAST APPROACHING! Before you know it it’ll be January, like, 15th, and we’ll all be thinking, “Oh my goodness, only months of terrible cold to look forward to from now until spring. What was I even doing in the weeks before the end of December, when everything is happy for one brief moment? NOT savoring them?” Probably! So let’s all take a moment to savor them. It’ll be easy here because we have some WONDERFUL Thursday Night Holiday Episode GIFs, AND we have some trampoline GIFs! What did we even do to deserve these? 100% of nothing. So, Happy Early Holidays, and please enjoy them. Next week will be even more holiday themed so get ready because you can never have TOO MANY holiday GIFs!!!!

Steve Buscemi hosted Saturday Night Live!

Kids sang “Judy Is A Punk” and it was just the best!

Fox news finally took on the Communist Muppets!

Tom Cruise lied about wanting to star in a Bollywood film and then it was revealed that all of his Indian fans were paid!

We talked about who should play young Jesus in the young Jesus movie!

We tried our best to save the Up house!

We heard that Ryan Seacrest might replace Matt Lauer on Today!

We got a brand new trampoline accident to watch!

American Psycho is finally getting the remake it deserves, thank goodness!

And, finally, Thursday TV happened!