The Videogum Louis C.K. Promise: An Outtake From Louis C.K.’s New Special, Louis C.K. Live At The Beacon Theater

Out of all the ways to end a day, you could do worse than this. For example, you could have gotten some bad news, or come into contact with peanuts (if you have a peanut allergy), or learned you were adopted and that’s why your parents both have blue eyes and you have brown eyes but you never really thought that much about it but now you have a lot of issues to sort out, or someone could have hurt your feelings, or ignored you when you were trying to tell them something important, or stolen your Nintendo DS Lite out of the front pocket of your backpack. But no! Today we end the day with some funny jokes. NOT SO BAD! (Louis C.K.’s new special will be available for $5 on on December 10th.)