Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Uhhhh so Will Ferrell filmed some Old Milwaukee commercials for free? “Business Insider notes that it is unclear why Ferrell wanted to plug the discount beer brand and why he wanted to film in Davenport, when Old Milwaukee is from Wisconsin.” Hahaha. I like everything about this piece of news. -Movieline
  • Want to watch the cast of Community play Trivial Pursuit together in honor of how tonight’s episode is going to be the last one for a while? Sure! Why not. -Vulture
  • Oh nooooooo, Courtney Stodden and her husband have turned down the chance to be on a new VH1 reality  show called Relationship Rehab because they said their relationship doesn’t need rehab! Haha! That was a good decision, it’s very funny to me that they were asked to be on that show. “Uhhh…you sure you don’t want to be on this show?” – VH1 -Radar
  • Here is the entirety of Pulp Fiction, presented in chronological order. “Great, I’ll watch this right after I finish the DVD extra of Memento in chronological order.” -Someone, I BET! I bet someone thought that in a non-sarcastic voice. -TheDailyWhat
  • The Kardashian mom responded to Daniel Craig’s Kardashian insults. Or maybe a publicist did? I can’t really tell who did. Either way, someone would like Daniel Craig to be a MAN and issue a public apology. You hear that, Daniel Craig? BE A MAN! -Dlisted
  • Last night Zac Efron was on Late Night and he played a basketball game with Jimmy Fallon where they had to throw holiday items into hoop rather than basketballs. Want to watch it? It’s pretty festive. It might make you a little happier than you are currently? Up to you, though. -Celebuzz
  • Slashfilm has a nice Q&A up about how Pixar creates its short films. “Nice” is a little vague, I realize, but I do think that you’ll enjoy it! It’s enjoyable. -Slashfilm
  • Are you guys watching American Horror Story? I only ever hear the worst things about it, which makes me REALLY want to watch it, but then I have never invested the time to find out when it is on TV. Oops. Here’s an article about how weird it is! -Salon